Create Cut Invent
"Your Imagination Our Fabrication" 
With these abilities, I can re-create the usual or reinvent the unusual.



     Your Imagination Our Fabrication

    Since 1988 I have enjoyed pushing the envelope  with the ability to design, repair, manufacture, restore one of a kind items, make replacement parts, produce prototypes, or produce as many as 15,000 of part runs per month.


      Whether  you need something repaired, improved, or created from an idea. I am frequently hired to fix or create for business, manufacturing, manufacturing equipment,

laboratory equipment, personal items and on the extreme I have been hired to fabricate a

new way for a Superhero to fly on the big screen.

No Project Too Small!!

                 Create Cut Invent
"Your Imagination Our Fabrication" 

Steve Coan
Owner / Designer / Fabricator /  Manufacturer

Laser Cutter, Water jet Cutter, Welder, Engraver, Metal Fabricator