Water Jet CNC nozzle speed  of Mach 3.9  CUTTING  ANYTHING !
Laser Fiber CNC cutting of Metal - Brass - Aluminum - Plastic and more !
 CO2 Laser Engraving
 Welding  almost any material  Solid or Cast ! Including CAST IRON !
All types of Soldering Laser / Silver / Rosin Core and even at a SMT level
​Metal Repair / Fabrication
Machine Fabrication / Repair / Design
Lathe Turning Service / Drilling / Tapping
Hydraulic Bending  / Die Forming
Metal Plate / Sheet  Rolling
Square Tube Rolling / Solid Rod Rolling
Rotating Assembly Balancing

Mechanical & Electronic  Design / Repair / Refinement

"Your Imagination Our Fabrication" 

With these abilities, I can re-create the usual or reinvent the unusual.

Custom Fabrication Services

Driven to push the envelope in the creation of mechanical and electronic concepts since 1988