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  Since 1988 I have enjoyed pushing the envelope in design and fabrication. I have the ability to design, manufacture, restore and install one of a kind items, make replacement parts, or manufacture multiples.

 Whether you need something repaired, improved, or created from an idea. I am frequently hired to fix business, personal, restaurant equipment, laboratory equipment, personal items and on the extreme I have been hired to created a new way for SUPERMAN " MAN OF STEEL" to fly on the big screen.

 No Project Too Small !!

 My expertise is not limited to fabrication and installation alone. I also offer expertise in high definition video surveillance software and hardware with remote video monitoring and remote control, wireless networking, and custom electronics deter or solve crime !

 With these abilities, I can re-create the usual or reinvent the unusual.

 " Your Imagination Our Fabrication "

Steve Coan

Founder / President
Closed Circuit Innovations / Create Cut Invent

Mechanical Creation Services

CAD Modeling
Custom Design Assembly / Repair / Fabrication
Simple / Complex Machine Design / Repair

CNC Water Jet Cutting
CNC Laser Cutting
Lathe and Milling
Welding  TIG / MIG / STICK
Rotating Assembly Building / Balancing
Hydraulic Bending and Die Forming
Steel Plate Rolling
Sand / Glass Blasting
Surface Grinding

HD Video / Audio Surveillance

  Custom Video Analytics
Counter - Surveillance
 Design  /  Manufacturing  /  Installation  /  Maintenance

( Integrated Video Audio Computer System )

The IVACS video product line is widely used in law enforcement / businesses

Video Surveillance Custom Solutions

POLICE Station / Booking and Lockup
POLICE Interview Rooms
POLICE micro wireless in Ear Communication Devices
POLICE Community Watch System with Plate ID or Recognition ( LPR )

IVACS Digital City Surveillance Program
" Providing Solutions To Achieve a Safe Community"


We specialize in the Design / Creation of electronic devices and software that provide you the tools to solve and fight crime !



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